Monday, August 18, 2014

CONSTRUCTION ALERT > Sound Transit Drilling on Campus: Aug 13 - Sept 19

Sound Transit construction crews will be on campus August 13 - September 19 to install ground monitoring points in preparation for the light rail tunneling.  Installation will involve surface drilling at various locations across campus.  They will be at each location 2-3 days.    Be prepared for noise and traffic/pedestrian detours.

Several of the monitoring points will be in the vicinity of the Engineering Library Building.  In particular, there will be 3 drill sites next to or close to the Engineering Library during the following periods:
*August 25-29
*September 2-3
*September 15-16

The Engineering Library will remain open, but please be aware that there will be noise and various other disruptions accompanying the surface drilling, monitor installation and related construction activities.

For more details from Sound Transit about the installation of the monitoring equipment on the UW campus:
Construction Update - August 13, 2014