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ENGINEERING LIBRARY NEW BOOK LIST for the week of July 15-21, 2013

Engineering Library New Books List

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ENGINEERING LIBRARY NEW BOOK LIST for the week of July 15-21, 2013

1. Dutton, William, editor.
The Oxford handbook of Internet studies.
HM851 .O985 2013.

2. Yuan, Dong.
Computation and storage in the cloud: understanding the trade-offs.
QA76.585 .Y83 2013.

3. Yang, Christopher C.
Intelligent systems for security informatics.
QA76.9.A25 I584 2013.

4. Calvary, Gaelle.
Computer science and ambient intelligence.
QA76.9.A48 C66 2013.

5. Atkinson, Malcolm.
The Data Bonanza Improving Knowledge Discovery in Science, Engineering, and Business.
T58.5 .D378 2013.

6. Middleton, William D.
Frank Julian Sprague: electrical inventor & engineer.
TA140.S7 M53 2009.

7. Taflove, Allen, editor.
Advances in FDTD computational electrodynamics: photonics and nanotechnology.
TA1530 .A38 2013.

8. Fossati, Andrea ...[et al.], editors.
Consumer depth cameras for computer vision: research topics and applications.
TA1634 .C66 2013.

9. Stuedlein, Armin W., editor.
Sound geotechnical research to practice: honoring Robert D. Holtz II.
TA710 .S68 2013.

10. Young, Michael D., editor.
Investing in water for a green economy: services, infrastructure, policies, and management.
TC405 .I58 2013.

11. Davalos, Julio F.
FRP deck and steel girder bridge systems: analysis and design.
TG325.6 .D38 2013.

12. Gungor, V. Cagri.
Industrial wireless sensor networks: applications, protocols, and standards.
TJ223.M53 I536 2013.

13. Nguyen, Nghi Quoc.
Modeling and stability analysis of salinity transport in the Mekong Delta.
TK7 Th60895.

14. Peach, Joseph E. T.
Dielectrophoretic field-flow fractionation devices for DNA and microparticle characterization.
TK7 Th60917.

15. Al-Awami, Ali Taleb.
Operation of power grids with high penetration of wind power.
TK7 Th61369.

16. Garcia, Eric K.
Regression strategies for low-dimensional problems with application to color management.
TK7 Th61429.

17. Hindi, Mohammad M.
Wind plant capacitor switching based on real power output.
TK7 Th61450.

18. Knight, Adam.
Multi-kernel Macah support and applications.
TK7 Th61484.

19. Delgado, Natalia Larios.
Local-feature generic object recognition with application to insect-species identification.
TK7 Th61496.

20. Luo, Ling.
Modeling and optimization of dynamic spectrum access.
TK7 Th61507.

21. Pang, Ka-Wo.
Design methods for on-chip inductor, transformer, and power combiner.
TK7 Th61556.

22. Chen, Yongdong.
Analog Chirp Fourier Transform for high resolution real-time wideband RF spectrum analysis.
TK7 Th61907.

23. Friedman, Diana C.W.
Scaling laws and size thresholds for minimally invasive surgical instruments.
TK7 Th61975.

24. Haselman, Michael.
FPGA-based pulsed processing for positron emission tomography.
TK7 Th62007.

25. Karadayi, Kerem.
Study on error and image quality degradation in three-dimensional ultrasound imaging with a
mechanical probe.
TK7 Th62049.

26. Mishra, Apurva.
Utilizing ElectroCorticoGraphic (ECoG) signal characteristics to realize low-power Brain-Computer
Interfaces (BCIs).
TK7 Th62135.

27. Olson, Corey Bruce.
An FPGA acceleration of short read human genome mapping.
TK7 Th62163.

28. Penkov, Boyan.
Robustness and longevity in nanopore platforms: novel bilayer chemistry and hybridized nanopores.
TK7 Th62171.

29. Sample, Alanson Paul.
Cutting the last cord with wireless power.
TK7 Th62207.

30. Sortomme, Eric.
Optimal aggregator bidding strategies for vehicle-to-grid.
TK7 Th62241.

31. Wu, He.
An energy framework for the Network Simulator 3 (ns-3).
TK7 Th62307.

32. Yoo, Sangmin.
A switched-capacitor RF power amplification technique.
TK7 Th62317.

33. Alomair, Basel.
Towards authenticated and private computer and wireless communications.
TK7 Th62336.

34. Hindmarsh, Richard, editor.
Nuclear disaster at Fukushima Daiichi: social, political and environmental issues.
TK136.J3 N83 2013.

35. Latchman, Haniph A.
Homeplug AV and IEEE 1901: a handbook for PLC designers and users.
TK3226 .L27 2013.

35. Latchman, Haniph A.
Homeplug AV and IEEE 1901: a handbook for PLC designers and users.
TK3226 .L27 2013.

36. Akhgar, Babak, editor.
Strategic intelligence management: national security imperatives and
information and communications technologies.
TK5102.85 .A44 2013.

37. Gupta, Naresh C.
Inside Bluetooth Low Energy.
TK5103.3 .G87 2013.

38. Lee, Chi H.
Microwave photonics.
TK5103.59 .M495 2013.

39. Dixon, Wheeler W.
Streaming: movies, media, and instant access.
TK5105.386 .D59 2013.

40. Gomez-Barquero, David, editor.
Next generation mobile broadcasting.
TK6678.3 .N49 2013.

41. Thornton, John.
Modern lens antennas for communications engineering.
TK7871.67.L45 T45 2013.

42. Tan, Yen Kheng.
Energy harvesting autonomous sensor systems: design, analysis and practical implementation.
TK7872.D48 T36 2013.

43. Tiec, Yannick Le, editor.
Chemistry in microelectronics.
TK7874 .C446 2013.

44. Chrostowski, Lukas and Krzysztof Iniewski, editors.
High-speed photonics interconnects.
TK7874.53 .H54 2013.

45. Ning, Huansheng.
Unit and ubiquitous Internet of things.
TK7895.E43 N46 2013.

46. Doumiati, Moustapha.
Vehicle dynamics estimation using Kalman filtering: experimental validation.
TL243 .V445 2013.

47. Walters, James M.
Aircraft accident analysis: final reports.
TL553.5 .W34 2000.

48. Pope, Alan.
Basic wing and airfoil theory.
TL574.A4 P58 2009.

49. Pallett, E. H. J.
Automatic flight control.
TL589.4 .P34 1993.

50. Fielding, Christopher, editor.
Advanced techniques for clearance of flight control laws.
TL678 .A295 2002.

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