Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Printing from Gmail or GoogleDocs


If you want to print a document/text from your Gmail or GoogleDocs account, you must use Adobe Reader to format and print PDF the pages.  DO NOT click on “Print PDF” in Gmail or GoogleDocs.
To do this:
1.        Download the document from Google,
2.        Open with Adobe Reader , (the plug-in should open automactically)
3.        Send it to the printer.

If you don’t do this and instead click on “Print PDF” in Gmail or GoogleDocs the document will not print correctly. Multiple pages of code will print out instead.
To be sure your document will print correctly, look for the PDF menu (the "ghost") which you see when you mouse over the bottom of a PDF.  The PDF format within Google Docs does not have this ghost menu.

Monday, November 28, 2011

IEEE on Campus: Career and Networking tools

George Plosker, IEEE Client Services Manager, will be on campus on Tuesday, Nov. 29th, and will give a talk focused on careers and networking specifically targeted to undergraduate and graduate EE (and related technologies) students. His talk will cover the role IEEE plays in an engineer’s career and education, including a brief history of IEEE and how IEEE furthers its member's careers via networking opportunities and ongoing technical education. 

He will also demonstrate how IEEE tools can help you with your job search: determine what content is being written by engineers from companies of interest, set up alerts to track companies in IEEE Xplore, and use the IEEE JobSite to locate current positions, store resumes, and job alerts.  Specific resources available to the University of Washington community and to IEEE members will be described and demonstrated.  

If you are an IEEE member, an engineering student, graduate student in technology, even a non-engineering student interested in technology, you will not want to miss this talk!

There will also be FREE PIZZA!!!


WHEN: 6:00 – 8:00 pm


Please RSVP to by 4:00 pm on Nov. 29th.  

Brought to you by the UW Engineering Library and the IEEE UW Student Branch

Please don't hesitate to be in touch if there are any questions, or if further information is needed.