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ENGINEERING LIBRARY NEW BOOK LIST for the week of August 21-28, 2017

Engineering Library New Books List

These materials will generally be available for browsing on the new book shelf by Monday morning. If you have any questions, concerns, or want us to order a book for the collection, let us know. Please send email to:

University of Washington Engineering Library
(; (206)543-0740

1. Learner-centered design: a cognitive view of managing complexity in product, information, and environmental design / Wayne Reeves (Thousand Oaks, Calif.: Sage Publications 1999).
Call Number: BF318 .R44 1999

2.Managing electronic records / William Saffady (Lenexa, Kan.: ARMA International 2009).
Call Number: CD974.4 .S24 2009

3.Storytelling for user experience: crafting stories for better design / Whitney Quesenbery, Kevin Brooks (Brooklyn, NY: Rosenfeld Media 2010).
Call Number: P96.S78 Q47 2010

4.Programming the World Wide Web / Robert W. Sebesta (Boston: Pearson 2013).
Call Number: QA76.625 .S42 2013

5.Beginning Python / Peter Norton and others (Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub 2005).
Call Number: QA76.73.P98 B45 2005

6.CSS: the definitive guide / Eric A. Meyer (Beijing; O'Reilly 2007).
Call Number: QA76.76.H94 M47 2007

7.Cryptography engineering: design principles and practical applications / Tadayoshi Kohno, Niels Ferguson, Bruce Schneier (Indianapolis, IN: Wiley Pub Inc 2010).
Call Number: QA76.9.A25 F466 2010

8.Implementing the ISO/IEC 27001 information security management system standard / Edward Humphreys (Boston: Artech House 2007).
Call Number: QA76.9.A25 H855 2007

9.Big data and smart service systems / Xiwei Liu and others (London: Academic Press 2017).
Call Number: QA76.9.B45 B54 2017

10.Being human: human-computer interaction in the year 2020 / edited by Richard Harper and others (Cambridge, England: Microsoft Research 2008).
Call Number: QA76.9.H85 B444 2008

11.College physics: with an integrated approach to forces and kinematics / Alan Giambattista, Betty McCarthy Richardson, Robert C. Richardson (New York, NY: McGraw-Hill 2013).
Call Number: QC21.3 .G53 2013

12.General thermodynamics / D.R. Olander (Boca Raton: CRC Press 2008).
Call Number: QC311 .O47 2008

13.Thermodynamics: principles and practice / Michel Saad (Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall 1997).
Call Number: QC311 .S153 1997

14.Nano and bio heat transfer and fluid flow / professor Majid Ghassemi, Dr. Azadeh Shahidian (London; Academic Press, an imprint of Elsevier, 2017).
Call Number: T174.7 .G437 2017

15.Applied state estimation and association / Chaw-Bing Chang and Keh-Ping Dunn (Cambridge, MA: MIT Press, 2016).
Call Number: TA168 .C3926 2016

16.New developments in structural engineering and construction / editors Siamak Yazdani, Amarjit Singh (International Structural Engineering and Construction Conference 2013: Honolulu, Hawaii), (Singapore: Research Publishing, 2013).
Call Number: TA630 .I58 2013 Volumes 1 & 2

17.Newspaper city: Toronto's street surfaces and the liberal press, 1860-1935 / Phillip Gordon Mackintosh (Toronto; University of Toronto Press, 2017).
Call Number: TE27.T6 M33 2017

18.Computer vision and imaging in intelligent transportation systems / edited by Robert P. Loce, Raja Bala, Mohan Trivedi (Hoboken, NJ: Wiley: 2017).
Call Number: TE228.3 .C657 2017

19.Robotics: science and systems V / edited by Jeff Trinkle, Yoky Matsuoka, and Jose A. Castellanos (Robotics: Science and Systems Conference 2009: Seattle, Wash.) (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press 2010).
Call Number: TJ210.3 .R6435 2009

20.Modern control systems / Richard C. Dorf, Robert H. Bishop (Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Pearson Prentice Hall 2011).
Call Number: TJ216 .D67 2011

21.Optimization in renewable energy systems: recent perspectives / edited by Ozan Erdinç (Kidlington, Oxford, United Kingdom; Butterworth-Heinemann, 2017).
Call Number: TJ808 .O68 2017

22.Distributed multiple description coding: principles, algorithms and systems / Huihui Bai and others (London: Springer 2011).
Call Number: TK5102.92 .D57 2011

23.SSL and TLS : theory and practice / Rolf Oppliger (Boston: Artech House 2009).
Call Number: TK5105.59 .O67 2009

24.IoT Inc.: how your company can use the internet of things to win in the outcome economy / Bruce Sinclair (New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2017).
Call Number: TK5105.8857 .S56 2017

25.Web site design is communication design / Thea M. van der Geest (Philadelphia, PA: John Benjamins Pub Co 2001).
Call Number: TK5105.888 .G44 2001

26.The art and science of NFC programming / Anne-Marie Lesas, Serge Miranda (London, UK: ISTE, Ltd.; 2017).
Call Number: TK6570.N43 L47 2017

27.Space-time adaptive processing for radar / J.R. Guerci (Boston: Artech House, 2003).
Call Number: TK6580 .G84 2003

28.High-speed circuit board signal integrity / Stephen C. Thierauf (Norwood, MA: Artech House, 2017).
Call Number: TK7868.P7 T47 2017

29.Advanced UAV aerodynamics, flight stability, and control: novel concepts, theory and applications / edited by Pascual Marqués, Andrea Da Ronch (Chichester: John Wiley & Sons, 2017).
Call Number: TL685.35 .A38 2017

30.Probabilistic Semantic Web: reasoning and learning / Riccardo Zese (Berlin, Germany: Akademische Verlagsgesellschaft; 2017).
Call Number: ZA4240 .Z47 2017

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ENGINEERING LIBRARY NEW BOOK LIST for the week of August 7-13, 2017

Engineering Library New Books List

These materials will generally be available for browsing on the new book shelf by Monday morning. If you have any questions, concerns, or want us to order a book for the collection, let us know. Please send email to:

University of Washington Engineering Library
(; (206)543-0740

1.Enterprise information security and privacy / C. Warren Axelrod, Jennifer L. Bayuk, Daniel Schutzer, editors (Boston: Artech House, 2009).
Call Number: HF5548.37 .E58 2009

2.Artificial intelligence: foundations of computational agents / David L. Poole, Alan K. Mackworth (New York: Cambridge University Press 2010).
Call Number: Q342 .P66 2010

3.Social computing: second International Conference of Young Computer Scientists, Engineers and Educators, ICYCSEE 2016, Harbin, China, August 20-22, 2016, proceedings / Wanxiang Che [and 9 others] (eds.) (Singapore: Springer, 2016).
Call Number: QA75.5 .I574 2016 Parts 1 & 2

4.Minitel: welcome to the Internet / Julien Mailland and Kevin Driscoll (Cambridge, Massachusetts: The MIT Press, 2017).
Call Number: QA76.57.M55 M35 2017

5.Data management for multimedia retrieval / K. Selçuk Candan, Maria Luisa Sapino (Cambridge; Cambridge University Press 2010).
Call Number: QA76.575 .C287 2010

6.Advanced ASP.NET AJAX server controls for .NET framework 3.5 / Adam Calderon, Joel Rumerman (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley, 2009).
Call Number: QA76.625 .C34 2009

7.Programming Ruby: the pragmatic programmers' guide / Dave Thomas, with Chad Fowler and Andy Hunt (Raleigh, N.C.: Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2005).
Call Number: QA76.64 .T494 2005

8.Enterprise software delivery: bringing agility and efficiency to the global software supply chain / Alan W. Brown; [foreword by Walker Royce] (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley, 2013).
Call Number: QA76.758 .B7625 2013

9.Android how to program / Paul Deitel, Harvey Deitel, Abbey Deitel (Boston: Prentice Hall, 2013).
Call Number: QA76.76.A65 D44 2013

10.The art of differentiating computer programs: an introduction to algorithmic differentiation / Uwe Naumann (Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2011).
Call Number: QA76.76.A98 N38 2011

11.Quality code: software testing principles, practices, and patterns / Stephen Vance (Upper Saddle River, NJ: Addison-Wesley, 2013).
Call Number: QA76.76.T48 V36 2013

12.Role-based access control / David F. Ferraiolo, D. Richard Kuhn, Ramaswamy Chandramouli (Boston: Artech House, 2007).
Call Number: QA76.9.A25 F47 2007

13.Information storage and retrieval systems: theory and implementation / by Gerald Kowalski, Mark T. Maybury (Boston, MA: Kluwer Academic, 2000).
Call Number: QA76.9.D3 K686 2000

14.Numerically solving polynomial systems with Bertini / Daniel J. Bates, Jonathan D. Hauenstein, Andrew J. Sommese, Charles W. Wampler (Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2013).
Call Number: QA161.P59 B38 2013

15.Calculus for scientists and engineers: early transcendentals: single variable / William Briggs [and others] (Boston; Pearson Education, 2013).
Call Number: QA303.2 .C3553 2013

16.Recipes for continuation / Harry Dankowicz, Frank Schilder (Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, 2013).
Call Number: QA377 .D364 2013

17.Third ERS Symposium on space at the service of our environment: Florence, Italy, 14-21 March 1997 / [compiled by T.-D. Guyenne & D. Danesy] (Noordwijk, Netherlands: European Space Agency ESA Publications Division, 1997).
Call Number: QE33.2.A7 E785 1997 Volumes 1, 2, & 3

18.Role engineering for enterprise security management / Edward J. Coyne, John M. Davis (Boston: Artech House, 2008).
Call Number: T58.64 .C69 2008

19.Advanced topics in applied mathematics: for engineering and the physical sciences / Sudhakar Nair (New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011).
Call Number: TA347.D45 N35 2011

20.Hydrodynamic instabilities / François Charru; translated by Patricia de Forcrand-Millard (Cambridge; Cambridge University Press, 2011).
Call Number: TA357.5.U57 C4813 2011

21.Getting out of the mud: the Alabama good roads movement and highway administration, 1898-1928 / Martin T. Olliff; foreword by David O. Whitten (Tuscaloosa: The University of Alabama Press, 2017).
Call Number: TE24.A2 O45 2017

22.Distributed generation systems: design, operation and grid integration / G.B. Gharehpetian [and] S. Mohammad Mousavi Agah (Oxford, United Kingdom; Butterworth-Heinemann, an imprint of Elsevier, 2017).
Call Number: TK1006 .G53 2017

23.Recommender systems: an introduction / Dietmar Jannach [and others] (New York: Cambridge University Press 2011).
Call Number: TK5103.485 .R43 2011

24.Identity management: concepts, technologies, and systems / Elisa Bertino, Kenji Takahashi (Boston: Artech House, 2011).
Call Number: TK5105.55 .B47 2011

25.Search user interfaces / Marti A. Hearst (Cambridge; Cambridge University Press 2009).
Call Number: TK5105.884 .H43 2009

26.Will the Internet fragment?: sovereignty, globalization and cyberspace / Milton Mueller (Cambridge, UK; Polity Press, 2017).
Call Number: TK5105.8854 .M84 2017

27.Web services essentials / Ethan Cerami (Beijing; O'Reilly, 2002).
Call Number: TK5105.88813 .C47 2002

28.Enterprise Web 2.0 fundamentals / Krishna Sankar, Susan A. Bouchard (Indianapolis, IN: Cisco Press, 2009).
Call Number: TK5105.88817 .S26 2009

29.Lucene in action / Michael McCandless, Erick Hatcher, Otis Gospodnetić (Greenwich: Manning, 2010).
Call Number: TK5105.8885.L84 G67 2010

30.Human recognition in unconstrained environments: using computer vision, pattern recognition and machine learning methods for biometrics / edited by Maria De Marsico, Michele Nappi, Hugo Proença (Amsterdam: Academic Press, 2017).
Call Number: TK7882.B56 D46 2017

31.Hardware-software co-design of embedded systems: the POLIS approach / by Felice Balarin [and others] (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 1997).
Call Number: TK7895.E42 H37 1997

32.Topic detection and tracking: event-based information organization / edited by James Allan (Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2002).
Call Number: Z667 .T67 2002

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