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ENGINEERING LIBRARY NEW BOOK LIST for the week of January 18-24, 2016

Engineering Library New Books List

These materials will generally be available for browsing on the new book shelf by Monday morning. If you have any questions, concerns, or want us to order a book for the collection, let us know. Please send email to:

University of Washington Engineering Library
(; (206)543-0740

1.Data analysis in the cloud: models, techniques and applications / Domenico Talia, Paolo Trunfio, Fabrizio Marozzo (Amsterdam; Elsevier, 2016).
Call Number: HD62.37 .I535 2016

2.Fuzzy neural networks for real time control applications: concepts, modeling and algorithms for fast learning / Erdal Kayacan, Mojtaba Ahmadieh Khanewsar (Amsterdam: Elsevier Butterworth Heinemann, 2016).
Call Number: QA76.87 .K23 2016

3.Securing cyber-physical systems / edited by Al-Sakib Khan Pathan (Boca Raton : CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016).
Call Number: QA76.9.A25 S37556 2016

4.Networking for big data / edited by Shui Yu, Xiaodong Lin, Jelena Mišić, Xuemin (Sherman) Shen (Boca Raton: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016).
Call Number: QA76.9.C92 N48 2016

5.Event mining: algorithms and applications / edited by Tao Li (Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016).
Call Number: QA76.9.D343 E985 2016

6.Rhetorical memory: a study of technical communication and information management / Stewart Whittemore (Chicago: The University of Chicago Press, 2015).
Call Number: T10.5 .W49 2015

7.Building the digital enterprise: a guide to constructing monetization models using digital technologies / Mark Skilton (Basingstoke, Hampshire: Palgrave Macmillan, 2015).
Call Number: T58.64 .S59 2015

8.Model-based system architecture / Tim Weilkiens, Jesko G. Lamm, Stephan Roth, Markus Walker (Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2016).
Call Number: TA168 .W4338 2016

9.Managing and engineering complex technological systems / Avigdor Zonnenshain and Shuki Stauber (Hoboken, New Jersey: John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2015).
Call Number: TA168 .Z66 2015

10.Thermofluid modeling for energy efficiency applications / edited by M. Masud K. Khan, Nur M.S. Hassan (Amsterdam: Elsevier AP, Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, 2016).
Call Number: TA357.5.D37 T44 2016

11.Learning-based local visual representation and indexing / Rongrong Ji, Yue Gao, Ling-Yu Duan, Hongxun Yao, Qionghai Dai (Amsterdam: Elsevier, 2015).
Call Number: TA1634 .L437 2015

12.Advanced marine structures / Srinivasan Chandrasekaran (Boca Raton: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 2016).
Call Number: TC1665 .C456 2016

13.Nanotechnology for water treatment and purification / Anming Hu, Allen Apblett, editors ; foreword by Mark R. Servos (Cham; Springer, 2014).
Call Number: TD430 .N366 2014

14.Vehicular ad hoc network security and privacy / Xiaodong Lin, Rongxing Lu (Hoboken: IEEE Press/Wiley, 2015).
Call Number: TE228.37 .L56 2015

15.Pavement materials for heat island mitigation: design and management strategies/ Hui Li (Oxford: Butterworth-Heinemann, 2016).
Call Number: TE251.5 L5 2016

16.Remaking the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge : a case of shadowboxing with nature / Karen Trapenberg Frick (London : Routledge, 2016).
Call Number: TG25.S237 F75 2016

17.Energy modeling and computations in the building envelope / Alexander V. Dimitrov (Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2016).
Call Number: TJ163.2 .D55 2016

18.Global energy interconnection / Zhenya Liu (Amsterdam: Academic Press is an imprint of Elsevier, 2015).
Call Number: TJ163.2 .L58 2015

19.Micro energy harvesting / edited by Danick Briand, Eric Yeatman, and Shad Roundy (Weinheim: Wiley-VCH, 2015).
Call Number: TK2897 .M53 2015

20.Smart grid planning and implementation / Clark W. Gellings (Lilburn, GA: Fairmont Press, Inc., 2015).
Call Number: TK3105 .G45 2015

21.Fundamentals of convolutional coding / Rolf Johannesson, Kamil Sh. Zigangirov (Pisacataway, NJ: IEEE Press; 2015).
Call Number: TK5102.92 .J64 2015

22.A complete guide to portals and user experience platforms / Shailesh Kumar Shivakumar (Boca Raton: CRC Press/Taylor & Francis Group, 2016).
Call Number: TK5105.888 .S49155 2016

23.Fritzing for inventors: take your electronics project from prototype to product / Simon Monk (New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2016).
Call Number: TK7868.P7 M66 2016

24.Organic light-emitting materials and devices / edited by Zhigang Rick Li. (Boca Raton: CRC Press 2015).
Call Number: TK7871.89.L53 O735 2015

25.Multisensor data fusion: from algorithm and architecture design to applications / edited by Hassen Fourati (Boca Raton: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2016).
Call Number: TK7872.D48 M87 2016

26.Vacuum nanoelectronic devices: novel electron sources and applications / Anatoliy Evtukh, Hans Hartnagel, Otkay Yilmazoglu, Hidenori Mimura, Dimitris Pavlidis (Chichester, West Sussex, United Kingdom: John Wiley & Sons, Ltd, 2015).
Call Number: TK7874.9 .E98 2015

27.Car crazy : the battle for supremacy between Ford and Olds and the dawn of the automobile age / G. Wayne Miller (New York: PublicAffairs, 2015).
Call Number: TL215.F7 M53 2015

28.Advanced airship technologies and design approaches: learning from past operational and design lessons to seek a more assured path to practicable gas buoyand air vehicles / Philip V. Hunt (Reston, VA : American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, Inc., 2015).
Call Number: TL660 .H86 2015

29.Active control of aircraft cabin noise / Ignazio Dimino, Ferri Aliabadi (Hackensack, NJ: Imperial College Press, 2015).
Call Number: TL671.65 .D56 2015

30.European space policy : European integration and the final frontier / edited by Thomas Hörber and Paul Stephenson (Abingdon, Oxon; Routledge, 2016).
Call Number: TL789.8.E9 E878 2016

31.Mission control: inventing the groundwork of spaceflight / Michael Peter Johnson (Gainesville: University Press of Florida, 2015).
Call Number: TL873 .J64 2015

32.Green and sustainable manufacturing of advanced material / edited by Mrityunjay Singh, Tatsuki Ohji, Rajiv Asthana (Amsterdam, Netherlands; Elsevier, 2016).
Call Number: TS155.7 .G74 2016

33.Emotionally durable design: objects, experiences and empathy / Jonathan Chapman (London; Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group, 2015).
Call Number: TS170.5 .C36 2015

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