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Engineering Library New Book Shelf April 7-13, 2014.

These materials will generally be available for browsing on the new book shelf by Monday morning. If you have any questions, concerns, or want us to order a book for the collection, let us know. Please send email to:

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Engineering Library New Book Shelf April 7-13, 2014

1.Multilinear subspace learning: dimensionality reduction of multidimensional data / Haiping Lu, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos.
(Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2014)
Call Number: QA76.9.D33 L825 2014

2.Crowdsourcing: one step beyond / Jean-Fabrice Lebraty, Katia Lobre-Lebraty.
By Lebraty, Jean-Fabrice, (London: Wiley; 2013)
Call Number: QA76.9.H84 L437 2013

3.Man-machine dialogue: design and challenges / Frederic Landragin.
(London : ISTE 2013.)
Call Number: QA76.9.H85 .L36 2013

4. The Sage handbook of digital technology research / edited by Sara Price, Carey Jewitt and Barry Brown. (Los Angeles : Sage Publications Ltd., 2013)
Call Number: QA76.9.H85 S24 2013

5.Cultural ergonomics: theory, methods, and applications / editors, Tonya L. Smith-Jackson, Marc L. Resnick, Kayenda T. Johnson.
(Boca Raton, FL: CRC Press, 2014)
Call Number: T59.7 .C85 2014

6.Congress's own think tank: learning from the legacy of the Office of Technology Assessment (1972-1995)/ Peter D. Blair.
(New York, NY : Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)
Call Number: T174.5 .B58 2013

7.Rebar cage construction and safety: best practices/ Michael J. Casey, Girum S. Urgessa; sponsored by the Construction Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers.
(Reston, Va.: American Society of Civil Engineers, 2013)
Call Number: TA683.42 .R38 2013

8.Plasma-assisted materials processing and synthesis: April 25-29, 2011, San Francisco, California, USA / [editors, J.L. Endrino].
(Warrendale, Pa.: Materials Research Society c2011.)
Call Number: TA2005 .P43 2011

9.Smart energy technologies in everyday life: smart utopia? / Yolande Strengers.
(Houndmills, Basingstoke, Hampshire; Palgrave Macmillan, 2013)
Call Number: TJ163.3 .S774 2013

10.Linear feedback controls : the essentials / Mark A. Haidekker.
(Amsterdam ; Elsevier 2013.)
Call Number: TJ216 .H35 2013

11.Solar energy forecasting and resource assessment/ Jan Kleissl, Center for Renewable Resources and Integration, University of California, San Diego, editor.
Call Number: TJ811 .K54 2013

12.Arctic pipeline planning: design, construction, and equipment/ Ramesh Singh.
(Amsterdam : Gulf Professional Publishing, 2013)
Update Date: 10/14/2013
Call Number: TJ930 .S525 2013

13.Chaotic signal processing / edited by Henry Leung, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
(Philadelphia: Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics; 2014)
Call Number: TK5102.9 .C47145 2014

14.Physical layer security in wireless communications / edited by Xiangyun Zhou, Lingyang Song, Yan Zhang.
(Boca Raton, [Florida]: CRC Press, Taylor & Francis Group, 2014)
Call Number: TK5103.2 .P515 2014

15.Connected viewing: selling, streaming, & sharing media in the digital era/ edited by Jennifer Holt and Kevin Sanson.
(New York : Routledge, 2014)
Call Number: TK5105.15 .C648 2014

16.Human activity recognition: using wearable sensors and smartphones / Miguel A. Labrador, Oscar D. Lara Yejas.
(Boca Raton : CRC Press, 2014)
Call Number: TK5105.65 .L328 2014

17.Ultra-wideband RF system engineering / edited by Thomas Zwick, Werner Wiesbeck, Jens Timmermann, Grzegorz Adamiuk.
(Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013)
Call Number: TK6553 .U48 2013

18.Design and construction of an RFID-enabled infrastructure: the next avatar of the Internet / Nagabhushana Prabhu.
Call Number: TK6570.I34 P72 2013

19.Radar techniques using array antennas / Wulf-Dieter Wirth.
By Wirth, Wulf-Dieter.(Stevenage, Herts, United Kingdom: The Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2013)
Call Number: TK6590.A6 W57 2013

20.3D video: from capture to diffusion / edited by Laurent Lucas, Celine Loscos, Yannick Remion.
(London : ISTE ; 2013)
Call Number: TK6680.8.A15 A15 2013

21.Fading and interference mitigation in wireless communications/ Stefan R. Panic, Mihajlo Stefanovic, Jelena Anastasov, Peter Spalevic
(Boca Raton: CRC Press, 2014)
Call Number: TK7867.2 .P36 2014

22.Colloidal quantum dot optoelectronics and photovoltaics/ edited by Gerasimos Konstantatos, Edward H. Sargent.
Call Number: TK7874.88 .C65 2013

23.Advances in biometrics for secure human authentication and recognition/ edited by Dakshina Ranjan Kisku, Phalguni Gupta, Jamuna Kanta Sing.
(Boca Raton, Florida : CRC Press, 2013)
Call Number: TK7882.B56 A378 2013

24.Hybrid electric vehicle design and control : intelligent omnidirectional hybrids / Yangsheng Xu, Jingyu Yan, Huihuan Qian, Tin Lun Lam.
(New York: McGraw-Hill Education, 2014)
Call Number: TL221.15 .X83 2014

25.Driving simulation / by Hichem Arioui, Lamri Nehaoua.
(London : ISTE ; 2013)
Call Number: TL440.5 A756 2013

26.Global aeronautical communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) / Stojce Dimov Ilcev.
(Reston, Virginia: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2013)
Call Number: TL692 I43 2013 v.1

27.Global aeronautical communications, navigation, and surveillance (CNS) / Stojce Dimov Ilcev.
(Reston, Virginia: American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics, 2013)
Call Number: TL692 I43 2013 v.2

28.Modeling and optimization of air traffic/ Daniel Delahaye, Stephane Puechmorel; series editor, Narendra Jussien.
(London, UK : ISTE, 2013)
Call Number: TL725.3.T7 .D45 2013

29.The politics of airport expansion in the United Kingdom: hegemony, policy and the rhetoric of 'sustainable aviation'/ Steven Griggs and David Howarth.
(Manchester, UK ; Manchester University Press, 2013)
Call Number: TL726.6.G7 G75 2013

30.Radiophysical and geomagnetic effects of rocket burn and launch in the near-the-earth environment/ by Leonid F. Chernogor and Nathan Blaunstein.
(Boca Raton : CRC Press [2014])
Call Number: TL784.L3 C44 2014

31.Demand driven performance : using smart metrics / Debra Smith, Chad Smith.
(New York : McGraw-Hill Professional, 2014)
Call Number: TS155 .S578 2014

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