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ENGINEERING LIBRARY NEW BOOK LIST for the week of Sept 16-23, 2013

Engineering Library New Books List

Engineering Library New Books List

Following is a list of materials added to the Engineering Library this week. These materials will generally be available for browsing on the New Books Shelf by Monday morning of the week indicated by the dates below.

To place a hold on any of these titles, send a copy (just cut and paste into your email request) of the call number of the citation with your name and barcode number [number will begin with 29352] from your faculty/library ID card to the Engineering Library email account,

If you have any questions, concerns, or want us to order a book for the collection, or if you would like to be removed from this mailing list, please send an email to:

University of Washington Engineering Library
(; (206)543-0740

ENGINEERING LIBRARY NEW BOOK LIST for the week of Sept 16-23, 2013

1. Data-intensive science / edited by Terence Critchlow, Kerstin Kleese
van Dam. (2013)
Call Number: Q183.9 .D35 2013

2. Contemporary high performance computing : from petascale toward
exascale / edited by Jeffrey S. Vetter. (2013)
Call Number: QA76.88 .C68 2013

3. Granular computing : analysis and design of intelligent systems /
Witold Pedrycz. (2013) Call Number: QA76.9.S63 P4423 2013

4. Cellular and subcellular nanotechnology : methods and protocols /
edited by Volkmar Weissig, Tamer Elbayoumi, and Mark Olsen.
(New York : Humana Press c2013.)
Call Number: T174.7 .C45 2013

5. Near-infrared organic materials and emerging applications/
Zhi Yuan Wang.(2013)
Call Number: TA1570 .W36 2013

6. Androids in the Enlightenment : mechanics, artisans, and cultures of
the self / Adelheid Voskuhl. (2013)
Call Number: TJ211 .V675 2013

7. Heat pipes and solid sorption transformations : fundamentals and
practical applications / edited by L.L. Vasiliev, Sadik Kakac. (2013)
Call Number: TJ264 .H425 2013

8. Accelerating next generation genome reassembly in FPGAs : alignment
using dynamic programming algorithms / Maria Kim. (Thesis (MSEE)--
University of Washington 2011.)
Call Number: TK 7 Th62459

9. Turbulence limits on collinear photothermal deflection spectroscopy
used for gas detection / Charles Elliott. (Thesis (MSEE)--
University of Washington 2011.)
Call Number: TK 7 Th62677

10. Architecture and compiler support for a VLIW execution model of a
coarse-grained reconfigurable array/ Nathaniel McVicar.
(Thesis (MSEE)--University of Washington 2011)
Call Number: TK7 Th62779

11. Multi-antenna synthetic aperture radar / Wen-Qin Wang. (2013)
Call Number: TK6592.S95 W36 2013

12. MEMS : fundamental technology and applications / edited by Vikas
Choudhary, Krzysztof Iniewski. (2013)
Call Number: TK7875 .M457 2013

13. Simulation-driven design optimization and modeling for microwave
engineering / edited by Slawomir Koziel, Reykjavik University, Iceland,
Xin-She Yang, Middlesex University, UK, Qi-Jun Zhang, Carleton
University, Canada. (2013)
Call Number: TK7876 .S56 2013

14. Battery power management for portable devices / Yevgen Barsukov,
Jinrong Qian. (Boston : Artech House c2013.)
Call Number: TK7895.P68 B37 2013

15. Microlenses : properties, fabrication, and liquid lenses / Hongrui
Jiang, Xuefeng Zeng. (2013)
Call Number: TK8360.O68 J53 2013

16. Usability evaluation for in-vehicle systems / Catherine Harvey,
Neville A. Stanton.(2013)
Call Number: TL272.55 .H37 2013

17. NASA at 50 : interviews with NASA's senior leadership / Rebecca
Wright, Sandra Johnson, Steven J. Dick, editors.
(Washington, DC : NASA History Division 2010.)
Call Number: TL539 .N36 2010

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